What are Bran Rusks?2023-05-17T10:39:10+02:00

These are traditional recipes using baking powder as a raising agent. Nothing has changed over the last 30 years.

What do you mean by Sourdough Rusks?2023-05-17T10:38:46+02:00

These are rusks made from a sourdough recipe using a secret fermentation process using a starter culture to ferment flour over a period of 3-5 days. The dough is proved, and baked in a big bread, broken into mosbolletjies, cut in 3 pieces before being dried and packed. This is considered the true traditional rusk, the recipe is exactly that of tannie Alet’s grandmother, Deborah.

What is a mosbolletjie?2023-05-16T10:38:08+02:00

A mosbolletjie is a delicous ‘bun’ of sweet bread made from our proprietary sourdough culture. The name is of Cape Dutch origin and is a combination of mos (Afrikaans for partially fermented grape juice) and bolletjies (Afrikaans for “balls” or “buns”)

These are separated, cut and dried before being packed.

What are the delivery charges?2024-02-27T09:45:52+02:00

All local orders over R600 will be shipped for free! All National deliveries are charged at R100. Kindly see below guidelines:

Delivery Area Delivery Service Delivery Times Delivery Costs below R600* Delivery Costs above R600*
Local (Gauteng & Surrounds) ND (Next Working Day) 1-2 working days R80 FREE
National ND (Next Working Day) or Economy 2-5 working days R100 R100
Regional and Outlying Areas Economy Up to 7 working days R100 R120
Do we have a factory store?2023-05-16T10:33:04+02:00

Yes, we most certainly do. It is located at corner Beyers Naude & Juice Street, Zandspruit, Roodepoort.

Monday-Friday 08:00 – 16:00
Saturday 08:00 – 13:00

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/ojyb8ihVWMErTxYq8

Are any of our products Vegan?2023-05-16T10:31:30+02:00

Unfortunately no, but we are vegetarian with milk and egg.

What about Halaal?2023-05-16T10:30:54+02:00

Yes, our products are Halaal certified.

Did someone say Kosher?2023-05-16T10:30:12+02:00

We are in the process of certification and will issue and update in due course.

Where can you find our Rusks?2023-05-17T11:00:15+02:00

We are available nationally in all Dischem and Baby City stores.
We are available nationally in all Makro stores.
We are available in Checkers stores in the Great North regions.
We are available in PnP stores north of Bloemfontein.
Various home industries, smaller convenience stores as well.

Should you wish to enquire or find out where specifically we are stocked please email us directly on orders@alettesrusks.co.za.

Are we able to do bespoke small batches and corporate gifting?2023-05-16T10:28:37+02:00

Yes we can certainly assist you with our bespoke offerings, please get in touch.


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