Our best seller. Freshly harvested Pecans is sustainably sourced form the best tasting nuts in season. Rich and creamy, crunchy, and a sweet morish flavour lingers long after each bite, leaving you wanting for just one more bite.
  • What's better than a sweet and creamy buttermilk rusks on those early morning gamedrives, self-drives through the bush or even after an early morning beach swim. This is the staple of many South Africans. Loved and trusted.

    Filled with fibre rich Bran flakes its rough, and crunchy. A firm rusk for the hungry and hard working men and woman of the country. Caramelised sugars in the bran makes the rusk sweet and takes you back to happy days.

    Nothing more delicious than a crunchy coconutty baked rusk. One can hear the waves and smell the salty early morning sea with this sweet, fibre rich rusks that is absolutely decadent.
  • Chewy and crunchy nibbles with every bite. Nothing sweeter than sharing these gorgeous rusks around the breakfast table.
  • Lovely rich aniseed scent will fill the nose with each bite. It is gentle and soft with undertones of warmth and love. A true family rusk.

    Delicious and crunchy it is filled with fibre rich bran to get every morning off the perfect start.

    Lightly roasted sesame seeds coat each rusk. The taste is soft, the rusk is crunchy. It pairs well with a mild Kenyan Mocha.
  • Home baked in small batches, these seed filled rusks pop gently with every bite. A sunny disposition is guaranteed.
  • Dark and rich, each rusk is filled with melted morsels of sweet and sticky chocolate chips. Each bite is sweet, and the aroma of bitter coffee lifts the flavour elegantly.


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